Aluminium sector machinery-Rolling Mills for flat products (foils included)


After the casting of aluminium slabs, flat sheets and rolls have to be produced for end uses.
Thick primary products are thus converted into thinner products by passing them through Hot or Cold Rolling Mills.
Rolling is the process of passing and pressing the thick material between cylinders or rolls.
Rolling Mills can have 2,4 or 6 rolls.
The 2 rolls squeezing and touching the material are called Work Rolls (WR).
In 4Hi Rolling Mills with 4 rolls 2 additional rolls called Back-Up Rolls (BUR) are used for supporting the WRs.
In Rolling Mills with 6 rolls called 6 Hi, additionally 2 more rolls called Intermediate Rolls (IR) are used .
Rolling Mills can be manufactured as Cold (CRM) or Hot Mills (HRM) to be used with material as the names imply.
Rolling Mills can also be manufactured as single stand or multi-stand (tandem) or as Skin Pass and Temper for fine rolling.
Foil Rolling mills are precise machines for obtaining very thin aluminium foils down to 1 digit micron .