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Turla is an Italian company started in 1967 which produces complete aluminium extrusion lines including extrusion presses and complete handling systems .
Turla’s lines include
- Equipment before the press
- Extrusion press
- From the press to cooling table
- Cooling table
- Batching table
- Finishing cut and stacking
- Profile basket logistics
- Ageing processand oven
- Packing
Turla has 2  daughter companies:
- Turla Therm – production unit for log and ageing oven engineering and manufacturing,
- TF Automation – daughter company operating in hardware and software engineering and electric component production (electric cabins, pulpits etc) .
Turla supplies robust, reliable and innovative machinery which last over time and assure years of operation without problems.
Moreover the company has distinguished itself in innovation and invention of new-concept systems.
Each machine, even though it is state-of-the-art, is at the same time designed to be functional and easily serviced and maintained .

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