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MINO Spa is an Italian company worldwide known as an engineering and manufacturing company of high quality rolling mills.
The rolling mills supplied by MINO are custom built according to the specific needs and requests of each customer and are manufactured in compliance with the highest international quality standards.
A strong point of MINO is a fully accomplished integration between mechanics, hydraulics, electrics and automation.
Having supplied and successfully commissioned a large number of rolling mills worldwide, MINO design is fully tested and has been proven highly effective, reliable and perfectly fit to meet the most stringent quality requirements on outcoming strip.
The high technical level and the long-lasting reliability proved by MINO rolling mills running around the globe, is the manifest result of more than a century of experience in this field.
The range of operation of MINO includes:
- Cold Reversing Mills for Steel
- Cold Tandem Mills for Steel
- Hot and Cold Skin-pass/Temper Mills for Steel
- Hot Rolling Lines for Aluminium (single-stand or multi-stand type)
- Cold Rolling Mills for Aluminium (reversing or non-reversing type)
- Foil Mills for Aluminium (down to 6 micron thickness)
- Milling Lines (Scalping) for Copper Alloy strips
- Hot Rolling Lines for Copper Alloys
- Cold Rolling Mills for Copper Alloys (roughing and finishing type)
- Modifications and/or Revamping of existing Rolling plants
- Auxiliaries for Hot and Cold Rolling Lines
- Full Integrated Process and Advanced Automation Systems

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