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GMS Global Metallurgical Solutions Srl. is an Italian company born from the merging of two technological experiences: Ateco and Promes.
GMS is a member of Engitec Group also represented by Teknointel.
GMS acquired the brand and the know-how of Calamari SPA.
GMS is specialized in the design and manufacture of foundry plants, specially regarding construction of induction melting and pouring furnaces as well as continuous and semi-continuous casting plants for non-ferrous alloys.
GMS have designed, manufactured, installed and started several plants around the world, both for non-ferrous and ferrous metals.
GMS technologies include:
- Melting technology
coreless medium frequency furnaces
coreless low frequency and channel furnaces
- Extrusion
induction heaters for extrusion technology
permanent magnet heater – heh
- igbt
igbt technology
- casting technology
automatic pouring furnaces
continuous casting process
continuous casting plants
machines for semi-continuous casting plants
up-cast continuous casting plants
semi-continuous casting plants

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